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Dr Martin Dobson is an Expert Witness for many legal cases involving tree-related subsidence, personal injury claims, and claims for property damage caused by hazardous trees. Get in touch today to discuss your case.

Tree-related subsidence claims

Trees are often implicated in damage to buildings through their roots drying out shrinkable clay soils below shallow foundations. Frequently claims are made against the tree owner for the damage that has been caused. We provide an arboricultural expert witness service acting for both claimants and defendants and have a proven track record over the course of the last 15 years. Reports are CPR 35 compliant unless instructed otherwise.

Hazardous trees claims

Trees are potentially dangerous structures and sometimes (albeit rarely) they fail with catastrophic results causing damage to property or injury to people. Frequently claims are made against the tree owner. We provide an arboricultural expert witness service for both claimants and defendants. The key issues in such cases are twofold: was the tree failure foreseeable and was the owner negligent in his duty of care?

Boundary disputes

A tree belongs to, and is the responsibility of, the person who owns the land on which it stands. Occasionally the ownership of a tree is unclear because it grows on or near to a boundary. On many occasions ownership can be established non-destructively by taking borings from the trunk of the tree to find the exact centre and this can be compared with marked boundaries or title deeds.

Tree-related subsidence

Property damage

Personal injury

Boundary disputes